Day 58 of 84

Greetings from here/me to there/you …

Remember yesterday I just wanted quiet? Good, keep that thoughts.

Went our to breakfast with family to a place called the Frog Pond on Gulf Blvd. It’s a local’s place where the food is good and there is plenty of it. Also, there are plenty of frog statues and pictures all over the place. On one wall is a picture of a sad clown (Emmet Kelly I think) – no frogs. I asked a few times but never found out what the story was. But, I keep asking. Someday someone would know. Today was that day. I asked the owner whose face told the story first. Apparently years ago there was an old man who was a regular who loved the picture and asked if he could put it up on the wall. The owner agreed and two weeks later the old man died. The picture had been there since. The he started pointing out other pictures that had similar stories to them. One was a young boy whose family were regulars and the boy had died in an auto accident just down from the restaurant. Another was also a young man, a regular, who died of brain cancer and the parents request his small picture be place somewhere because he had loved the breakfasts there at the Frig Pond. You never know what stories you might hear if you ask. And how knowing that storied change how you feel.

Our visiting family left for their new home and my lady and I settled in for the day not really having anything planned and not knowing if anyone was going over. And no one did.

Remember yesterday when I asked for quiet  and alone time? Today, we got it. At one point I said “Hear that?” and my lady smiled and said “NO”, to which I said “Actually”.

Spent most of the afternoon noon and evening laid back/down on the couch (we actually have one long enough now) watching television. Got caught up on a few shows I missed and listened to others while I faded in and out of sleep/nap time. It was a quite unusual and pleasant experience. I don’t usually let myself just kick back, but I was too exhausted/fatigued to fight it.

As I have mentioned, as best I can, sometimes I forget all that I/we are going through right now. It’s not about denial, because I do intellectually know that I am sick and am going through some very major medical changes in order for a good chance of being better/healthy in the not too distant future.

So, I “chiilaxed” for the day.

Had a great conversation with my youngest son. He tends to call when he’s driving some place. Other wise he is busy and hard to get a hold off. He’s a lot like his father which I have apologized for but always feel complimented when it’s point out.

Everything is actually good and going in the right direction. I/we are just not there yet. I always say that the journey is the reward/destination, but I will be glad when we are past this part of  the road.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing the chill+relax=chillax of the day.

Love and pride, strength and honor …

Until again,



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