Day 56 of 84

Greeting from Bay Pines VA …

8 weeks down and 4 to go … life is passing when you are too busy and tired to notice.

I had insomnia last night again. Not unusual. It’s often a combination of things. With bad hips and lower back, sometimes just turning over or a muscle spasm will make it difficult to find a comfortable position. Funny how I used to dislike sleep thinking it was a waste of time and that I would get all the sleep I needed when I died. Now I would just love to sleep through the night. Woke up with the same fatigue, soreness, and headache I went to bed with. So it goes.

Cleared my morning classes online. Some discussion and debate, but mostly students just compiling the sources and posting them in response to the discussion question. I always like it when we start a conversation from a point of new information and then discuss how we can internalize and integrate that new information into our everyday life.

Went over to VA for my 2 week check in. Do a blood draw at the lab then sign in and wait to see the doctor. They are really good and get the labs result to the doctor within an hour. Actually, they scheduled my labs after the doctor’s appointment, so knowing better, I just showed up early and they took me right in. The blood work was all good and the body is tolerating the medication well – everything normal. We will get the viral load in a few days.

Got to admit, I heard such great things about Harvoni and people clearing within the first 2 weeks, that not clearing by week 4 and then 6 was disappointing. Now at week 8, we will see again. Trying to remain optimistic but also realize and accept the potential/possibility of failing again. Must admit that going back to being sick after being even sicker during treatment is not such a bad thing. Then I would investigate what was next. But like I said, I still have a few weeks to get to that “undetected” status.

What was strange, after looking forward to treatment, was scheduling the end of it. I have another 2 week check up and then in 4 weeks it will be over. There is a follow-up in 30 and 90 days after treatment. All scheduled and calendared now. Time will tell. All I can do is maintain the daily discipline.

Nothing but compliments, appreciation, and gratitude for how Bay Pines VA treats me and has given me this chance to be healthy.

Came home and played with my new toy – a lawn mower. The lawn here has not been cut well in so long that the poor thing kept clogging on the long grass. But, we got it cut and it look great.

Fatigue set in an after a showed, I feel asleep.

Checked back into the classes – all is well or as well as can be expected.

Waiting for dinner and family members to arrive.

Tomorrow … another day …

Thanks …

Love and pride, strength and honor …

Until again,


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