Day 42 of 84

Hard to believe, but I’m halfway through the treatment part …

In running a marathon (26.2 miles), I learned that halfway was actually at the wall (mile 20) and not at mile 13.1 (half-marathon distance). It’s the accumulative wear and tear that makes the last miles the hardest. When you hit the wall it’s like you have nothing left. You dig deep and remind yourself why you are doing this and how bad you want it.

Many people drop out of school or stop a project just before it’s finished. It’s self-sabotaging and self-prophecy. Many times to complete a task you have to see yourself differently. Follow-through changes a person. Quitting allows you to stay the same.

I read people on Hep C forums/boards who have identified so much with this disease that I fear they may quit or do something that will make it ineffective. Hard to believe? I met people in treatment last time who actually drank and smoked and missed dosages and wondered why treatment didn’t work. In program we say, it works if you work it.

This morning I woke up with the usual fatigue and headache. While I am used to night sweats, I don’t usually have them in the morning, but was running a temperature and sweating this morning – it passed. Have been working online on and off all day because we are having some electrical work done and the electrician kept testing the circuits by turning them on and off. Didn’t hear from my VA doc today – but he called the other day – and am still waiting to hear about my current viral load. (Still need to work on that VA rating appeal – another day) Rather slow and laid-back today. Get to babysit our grandchildren for the evening while their parents go to a baseball game. Life is good.

By days count, I am halfway through the treatment. Yet, it ain’t over until it’s over.

Thanks for dropping by and lending a supporting/encouraging ear/eye – whether you are or not, its my blog and I can believe what I want.

Love and pride, strength and honor …

Until again,



One thought on “Day 42 of 84

  1. Half way is a long way and a big accomplishment. Hang in there, Bro. One day, one day, one day . . . . You’re doing great. I believe in you. 🙂


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