1 of 84: the adventure begins …

Day 1 of 84

At 8 AM Florida gulf coast time, the adventure started.

I have 12 weeks x 7 days or 84 days of treatment. Actually its pretty easy treatment in comparison to what I did before. Before it was 16 pills a day (some every 8 hours and others every 12 hours) to keep a therapeutic level and one shot (of interferon) a week. So one pill a day for 84 days is a walk in the park.

In the past  when I started, after the first shot, my body got cold and I shook the foundation of the house with my chills. Today, 6 hours after take off, nothing.

I expect that a drug this strong will have some serious side effects so I am prepared even though they say that the side effects (if any) are minimal. I tend to be that way, prepared for the worst and accepting of the best.

That is one of those things I talk a lot about with people: to be informed. I have been doing my research on Hepatitis C (especially with veterans) for 10 years. Even talked my way into some professional health trainings. With the exception of my specialist, I am usually the one educating them. When I filed my VA claim for service connection I wanted to be able to tell them things they did not already know. And did. I  received service connected approval in about 16 months on my first try. Unheard of! I guess they forget that they had trained me in military intelligence – LOL.

Just wanted to dropped a line and let people know what is going on here on the sunny Florida gulf coast …

Until again,



One thought on “1 of 84: the adventure begins …

  1. This is HUGE, my brother. I am a Seiser, so I am at best only cautiously optimistic. But being cautiously optimistic is nevertheless huge. Good luck. Strength and Honor, to the best man I know. 🙂

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